ARC TrooperEdit

The Standard ARC Troopers

Phase IEdit


Fordo and other Phase I ARC's.

Specially grown, and trained elite Clone Troopers. The ARC Troopers where trained to work as commandos but in larger groups of up to 10 ARC Troopers. Fordo

Phase IIEdit

Later in the war supplies of specially grown ARC Troopers where growing thin and a program was introduced to train normal clone troopers in the ways of the ARC Trooper, these ARC Troopers often worked in groups of 4 or 2,rather like the Clone Commandos. Colt

Phase IIIEdit

By the end of the war the stocks or even normal ARC Troopers was growing thin, so much so that after the end of the war there wasn't enough to keep the ARC Battalions going and all the ARC Troopers where re trained as Imperial Commandos. Neyo

ARC Assault TroopersEdit

Often used as Heavy Weapons troopers by some legions in the Republics army's, these ARC Troopers wielded powerful PLX-1 Rocket launchers.

ARC Scout TrooperEdit


A Phase II ARF Trooper.

Phase IEdit

ARF Troopers Just like the standard ARF Troopers of the Republics army, ARC Scout Troopers wore the distinctive ARF helmets and utilised AT-RT Walkers and BARC Speeders in battle.

Phase IIEdit

ARF Troopers ARF Troopers of the later war, had a funny helmet on.

Phase IIIEdit

Biker Advanced Recon Commandos Some of these wore the Phase III helmet some wore the Phase II helmet still.

ARC Support TroopersEdit


An ARC Heavy Gunner.

ARC GunnersEdit

ARC Heavy GunnersEdit

ARC Aerial Assault TroopersEdit

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