Unit Info

CT-21-0408 "Echo"




Galactic Republic

  • Grand Army of the Republic
    • 501st Legion
      • Domino Squad

CT-21-0408, also known as Echo was an ARC Trooper who served in the clone wars.


Echo started training with Domino Squad on Kamino. His squad's team training was overlooked by a couple of bounty hunters, Bric, El-Les and Jedi General Shaak Ti. Echo and his squadmates had to learn to work as a team to successfully pass the simulation. The squad, however, rarely got along with each other during their train. Echo, as observed by Gen. Ti, said that he never adapts to the situation. After his and the sqaud's training was done, Echo told them that told the squad that they should follow orders and not mess around if they want to pass. Echo then got into a fight with Hevy, but the fight was stopped by Bric.

After Commander Colt and his follow ARC Troopers arrived, Echo and the rest of his squad watched as bravo squad did their training course in record "ARC Trooper" time. Echo said while watching bravo squad that the could learn something from Bravo sqaud. When it was Echo's squad turn, Echo and his sqaud made it farther than normal at first. When Droidbait was injured, Echo wanted to help but Hevy told him to leave him. Unfortunately, Colt stopped program because Echo and the squad broke ranks left him hand thus making them fail the test.

After that, Echo and Fives spoke with Gen Ti on being reassigned to another squad. Gen Ti tells that are where they needed to be. Ti also tells Echo and Fives that she will allow Domino Squad to trie the test one more time. The next Echo and Domino squad went to take the test one more time. During this, Echo and Domino squad worked together this time. As they neared the end of test, Echo and the others realized that did not have their ascension cables. However, Echo and the rest squad were able to climb the guns and take the flag thus they passed the test. Afterwards, Bric and El-Les gave them Graduation Medals. Echo and the rest of his squad then shipped.

Rishi Moon BattleEdit

Echo and the rest of his squad werer then sent to the Rishi Moon Listening Outpost, one of the key positions in defending Kamino. During that time, Echo spent most of his time reading and rereadin manuals, much to the annoyance of Hevy. Just as they were expecting a routine inspection, a meteor showers comes down. When Echo, Sergeant O'Niner and the others lost contact with the sentry, a couple troopers went out to investigate. The station came under attack by commando droids. After Sergeant O'niner was shot and killed, Echo and the others escaped down the Ventilation shaft. After that echo and others were attacked by a Rishi Eel, which ate Cutup.

Echo and the others then saw the two arriving officers' ship coming in. Echo tried to reach them on the comlink but could not contact them. After the ship was destroyed, Echo and the others went to see the officers. When the two officers ordered them to take their helmets, they revealed themeselves to be the survivors. Just then the Rishi Eel but one of the officers, Captain Rex, shot it and killed in the eye. Rex then marked Echo's armor with the eels blood. After Commander Cody introduced himself as their new boss, Echo and the others told that they were the only ones left.

After Rex and Cody gave Echo, Fives and Hevy weapons they have, they move on to retake the outpost. They were succesful in subduing the commando droids and retaking the base. When Echo looked at the scopes, he saw a separtist invasion fleet in orbit. Echo then saw that the droids had hardwired the 'all clear' signal and disable communicats. Just, droid reinforcements arrived. When Capt. Rex suggested to blow up the outpost to alert the Republic, Echo then suggested using liquid Tibana as fuel to blow up the station. Rex and Cody agreed to this plan. While Rex preped the explosives, Echo, Hevy and Cody held off the droids at the entrance but were pushed back inside the building.

When they got back to the operation center, Hevy told them to go down the ventilation shaft. Echo and the others made it out, but then noticed that Hevy was still inside. When Hevy told them that he was going to set the gas off manually, Echo,Fives, Rex and Cody tried to make their way back to the shaft. It was too late to save Hevy, but they were able to alert the Republic fleet. Echo, Fives, Rex and Cody were then rescued by republic gunships. Onboard the Jedi Cruiser Resolute, Gen.s Kenobi and Skywalker gave them medals to honor their and hevy's service to the republic. After the ceremony, Echo , along with fives, felt like they did not deserve the honor. Rex however, says that if they did not alert the republic, the separtists would have won. Rex then tells Echo and Five that they are the type of men needed in the 501st.

3rd Battle of KaminoEdit


Echo, during the 3rd Battle of Kamino.

When Gens. Kenobi and Skywalker got intercepted a message between Separtist Gen. Grievous and Dooku's Assasin, Commander Asajj Ventress planning a attack on Kamino, Echo, Fives, Rex, and the rest of 501st went home to defend Kamino.

After their arrival, Echo and Fives then met up deformed clone 99. Echo and Fives told 99 of the incident on the Rishi moon and how hevy sacrifice himself to save them. When Grievous's and Ventress's forces arrived, Echo and Fives were ordered by ARC Trooper Hammer to take a sniper position to hold off the droids. Echo and fives held off the aqua droids for awhile. 99 came with grenades just as regular battle droids came up. Echo and fives werer then joined by a few clone cadets. Echo, Fives and 99 took them to the barracks. They were then joined by Capt. Rex and Commander Cody. Echo then rallied them all, saying that his blood is boiling for a fight. Echo, Rex and a couple of cadets then ambushed a few commando droids. Echo and fives held their ground till the cadets opened fire on them from above. Echo and fives then charged the droids as 99 was being shot. After the battle was over, Echo and Fives were then approached Rex and Cody. Rex then told them how they reminded him of himself. Cody then told them that were being promoted to ARC troopers.

Mission to the CitadelEdit


After finishing their ARC Trooper training, Echo and Fives were then called to Coruscant to the Jedi Temple. There they attended Gen. Koon's briefing on their next assignment: to free Gen. Even Piell from the Citadel. Along with Generals Kenobi, Skywalker, Captain Rex, Commander Cody and a couple of troopers would try to free Gen. Piell he forced to give the Nexus Routes. Echo and the others then headed down to the Temple's hangar. There Echo and the rest of the team were frozen in carbon to avoid the lifeform sensors, though he did not like idea of becoming a wall ornament.

After making it past Lola Sayu's blockade line, Echo and the others were then thawed out. Echo, along with stowaway Commander Ahsoka Tano and the rest of the team then went to backdoor. Unfortunately, they could not use jetpacks or ascension cables, so they had free climb it past the mines on the cliff face. Just as Echo was climbing one of the others troopers, Charger, triggered one the mines, thus alerting the Citadel's droid garrison. Along the way to Gen. Piell's cell, Echo, Fives and Capt. Rex took out turrets along the wall. Echo and the others made to Piell's cell and saved him before the interrogation droid took his last remaining eye out. After Piell was freed, he told them that his captain had the other half of the Nexus route and that he was being held with the other officers.


Echo and Fives at the Citadel.

Echo and the team then made their down to the other cells, but were attacked by Commando droids along the way. Echo and the team were able to take out the first wave of commando droids, but when the second wave came, the Citadel's commander, Osi Sobeck, activated magnets in ceiling which took all their weapons and Gen. Skywalker's cybernetic arm up. At first Echo and the others tried fighting the droids hand to hand while the jedi force pushed them back. Fortunately, Gen. Skywalker was able to deactivate the magnet and free himself and their weapons. After defeating the commando droids, Echo and the rest of the team then found Piell's Captain, Wilhuff Tarkin, along with his other officers. When Generals Kenobi and Skywalker decided to split up to proctect the information. So Echo went with Skywalker, Tarkin, Tano, Fives, and a couple of the captured officers. They followed Skywalker as he found a old tunnel which he cut into. After going inside the tunnel, Echo and fives then resealed the entrance and continued onward through the tunnels.

Echo and the rest of the team made their way past magma filled chasm in the tunnels beneath the Citadel. When they reached a dead end, Echo then spotted Super Battle Droids coming their way. After that came commando droids with personal shields. Echo and the others were then able to destroy the droids and open up the dead end. They then went into a fuel pipeline, where they had shut their equipment for awhile. When they got to the end, they were met by a a battalion of droids and a couple of crab droids. They were able to get out of the fuel line and Skywalker was able to destroy the droids by throwing a thermal detonator into the fuelline. Echo and the team, seeing that the plan had been compromised move onto plan B.

Echo's helmet

Echo's helmet after his death.

Echo and the team were then able to rejoin Kenobi, Piell and Cody's team at the airfield, though they were underfire from the droids. Echo and both team held their ground against the droids. Echo then spotted on of the turrets targeting their ship. Echo then picked up one of the droids personal sheild and tried to make a run for the ship. Just as he was about to reach the ship, the droids blew it up and killed Echo.
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