The reciprocating quad blaster, often shortened to "Cip-Quad", was an experimental weapon developed

during the Clone Wars by Merr-Sonn Munitions. It drew power from a power

cell strapped to a soldier's back and was mounted on a specialized harness featuring microrepulsorlifts. The four barrels could be fired either one or two at a time depending on the rotation pattern selected, and were cooled on the recoil by coolant tanks located within the rig itself.


ARC Heavy Gunners using the weapon were outfitted with specialized armor that included head-up displays in the helmet and links to the harness that allowed them to make the best use out of the weapon. The weapon was best used against the slower vehicles of the Separatist army, such as the Corporate Alliance NR-N99 tank droid and the Trade Federation Armored Assault Tank, as infantry was often able to outmaneuver the weapon.


The team of ARC Troopers who were sent to rescue the trapped Jedi on the planet Hypori. This team included a unidentified Advanced Recon Commando Heavy Gunner armed with a reciprocating quad blaster that he used to hold off Grievous while other members of the team found the trapped Jedi and attempted to bring them back to their gunship, however due to the speed and agility of Grievous the trooper's effort to disable the Cyborg were largely unsuccessful.

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