The Muunilinst 10 was an elite group of Advanced Recon Commandos and Clone Troopers led by ARC Captain
180px-ARC LAAT
Fordo that consisted of three ARC lieutenants, and seven infantry clones, though two were killed.

Mission to MuunilinstEdit

The Muunilins 10 was deployed to destroy a Separatist artillery cannon and aid in the capture of key InterGalactic Banking Clan officials. While flying in a modified LAAT/i gunship to their target area, the gunship was shot down by a B1 battle droid with a rocket launcher, and it crash-landed in the city.[2] When they exited the gunship, they were surrounded by sniper-fire. One clone, CT-43/002, was killed instantly in the barrage.[3]

Fordo and the remaining members of the Muunilinst 10 awaiting Jedi General Kenobi.

Fordo ordered two of his clones to distract the droid snipers and another clone to scope the location for the snipers. After spotting the droids' locations, an ARC trooper wielding a PLX-1destroyed the building ledges where the snipers had been.

The group kept going toward their objective, and eventually encountered an AAT. While one ARC Lieutenant crept up on the AAT from above, the remaining eight provided cover fire. The ARC jumped on top of the AAT, fired his way inside, and planted explosives, before jumping out and detonating them.

Eventually, they arrived at the artillery cannon and after destroying many battle droids, destroyed the cannon and rappelled up the control tower.

After the arrival of Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi, they blasted their way inside the command center, defeating numerous droids and aiding in the defeat of the feared bounty hunter Durge before securing the room, despite some of them suffering injuries inflicted by Durge. This action was the key point in the Republic's capture of the planet.[4]

This squadron was once refered to as the "elite", and were apparently very affective in battle. They carried many weapons, including the standared rifle, mini pistols, standared blasters, detonators, heat signature detecrors, lock on rockets, heavy chainguns, high power scope sniper rifles, droid poppers, and high power laser bolt rifles.

Mission to HyporiEdit

[1]The Muunilinst 10 deploy from their LAAT/i on Hypori

The survivors were reinforced with heavy gunners and additional troops and were sent to Hypori to retrieve the surviving Jedi of the Battle of Hypori, and arrived there in surprisingly little time. There, Fordo ordered two of his men to investigate two of the three life signs he detected. While one of his men investigated one of the life signs in the rubble and another in the rafters of the downed Acclamator assault ship, Fordo led the rest of his men to the one directly ahead of them. The life sign Fordo detected turned out to be Ki-Adi Mundi, who had just been disarmed by Grievous. General Grievous was about to deal the killing blow to Mundi when Fordo and his men opened fire on him. However, Grievous proved to be too fast for them, and four ARC lieutenants were killed. The weaponry of their ARC gunship was able to drive Grievous off, enabling evacuation of the survivors. Fordo was granted Jaig eyes for his actions on Hypori.[5]


The Muunilinst 10 LAAT/i was repainted with a rancor nose art design. The gunship had a jagged blue line up to the top of it. There was also blue covering the missile pod and wings, except the wings, which had white triangles going to the top.

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